How to Choose a Sponsor

  • Are they available to answer questions via phone, email or text messaging?

 We  have a Facebook Group and chat for our team. We  post and talk daily.   After you sign up,  you will receive  an email from me to schedule an introductory call to chat about your goals and create an action plan to achieve them

  • Do they provide leadership?

In our Facebook groups we provide training on various topics. I also host weekly Zoom calls on various topics. These are important to be able to see each other in group format.

  • Are they actively building their business?

If the answer is NO, run as fast as you can in the opposite direction. A good sponsor will actively be building their business. If they are not, not only will you never have anyone placed under you in the system, but they will likely not give you any support.  I am a Producer, Crown Club 10, and Life of the Party Diamond. Click each link to see!!

  • Does the team have momentum and duplication?

I have created an online Paparazzi Course to help each consultant step-by-step. This makes it very easy when you are trying to grow your team. I have created the system that makes duplication and learning easy. 

  • Are they energetic and positive?

Yes. Please check out my Facebook page. Proof is in the pudding!. You can see my posts and lives. Check  it out.. 

  • Do they build their business online?

This is very important. Online representation is vital in today's marketplace. I have a Shopify store. (click here), Facebook business page, ManyChat, and social media networks.  You do not have to figure it out all on your own.  I'm here to help.