How To Stack Bracelets Like a Champ

You can stack not only rings or necklaces, layered bracelets are a trendy thing, too! How to stack them right to achieve an ultra-modern and bold look? Here are some tips you may use.

If you don’t want to layer the same exact bracelet, go for a few variations of the same style, they will create a more eye-catching look. If you find a style you like, buy more than one! Okay, so maybe 5 is a lot but two or three paired together should do the trick.


Go for different bracelet sizes: mixing up the proportions with larger bracelets of the same metal color still gives you a sleek look. Try throwing in a thick chain and/or heavy bangle.


Depending on the size of the bracelets you’ve chosen and the look you’re going for the quantity can vary significantly.

  • If you’re incorporating a watch or larger pieces into your stack then keep the number between three and five.
  • With small beaded strands (or any thin bracelets) you can and should wear many more.
  • As a general rule, you don’t want to cover more than a third of your forearm.

While an arm full of tiny colorful bracelets has its place (like at a festival) don’t forget that variety is key when creating that perfect, visually appealing stack.  Try to avoid the temptation to throw on a matching set of bangles (even if you got a killer deal on them at target) and only wear a few and toss the rest back in your jewelry box and mix it up.



A simple tee shirt and jeans, a  little black dress, or even an awesome pair of joggers and heels. Just keep the outfit simple and avoid going overboard with statement pieces like big flashy necklaces. Instead, choose smaller understated necklace and stud earrings.

Tips for Bracelet Stacking

We’ve covered the basics of bracelet stacking, so you’re ready to get started. Before putting together your bracelets, check out these additional tips:

  • Find inspiration: You can find inspiration for your bracelet stacks almost anywhere. Pinterest is a great place to look for different bracelet looks. Keep an eye out for coworkers or friends who nail the stacked bracelet look. Pay attention to the pieces they put together, so you can create a similar look with your own bracelet collection.
  • Choose a unifying theme: It’s perfectly fine to mix and match your colors, sizes, materials and textures, but it’s a good idea to have some sort of unifying idea. This helps create a coordinated look without being overly matched. Keep in mind the desired theme or style you’re trying to create, so that each piece you choose fits into that idea.
  • Try it with your outfit: Once you figure out how to pair your bracelets together, try it with your outfit. A stack may look great on its own, but it also needs to work well with your outfit.
  • Consider comfort: You want your jewelry to look great, but you also want a comfortable fit. Wear your bracelet combination for a few minutes before you leave the house to make sure they feel comfortable on your wrist. Consider the activities you plan to do that day and whether or not the arrangement will work well for your agenda. A huge stack of thick bracelets may get in your way when you try to use your computer or do any sort of physical labor, for example.
  • Document your stacks: Instead of reinventing your stacks each time, find an arrangement you like and use it again. An easy way to remember the order is snapping a photo of the bracelets on your wrist. Refer to the photos to find a look that fits your outfit for the day.
  • Keep adding: You can create many different looks from any size of bracelet collection, but adding new pieces periodically expands your options. Glam With Mack offers a variety of unique bangles and link bracelets perfect as focal or accent pieces.
  • Get adventurous: If you’re new to bracelet stacking, you may feel a little reserved at first. Take a chance with a bold new look.
  • Embrace your style: There’s no one-size-fits-all method for stacking bracelets. Let your personal style shine through when you put together your pieces. Most of all, have fun as you experiment with different bracelet combinations.

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