5 Reasons Paparazzi Accessories is Different from Most Direct Sales Companies

1. Everyone gets 45% Profit

You can earn money with Paparazzi Accessories in the Following ways:

1. Earn money by selling the jewelry.  One of the best things about our compensation plan is that everyone makes 45% profit from our $5 jewelry.  We sell the jewelry for $5 per piece. From that $5, $2.75 goes towards buying more jewelry and that leaves $2.25 for you to keep. It’s the same math for all consultants regardless of rank, time in the company, or how much you sell each month. We all make the same profit.

2. You can build a team. While this is not a requirement, it is another opportunity to earn monthly commissions. For more Information about the Compensation Plan. Click Here.


2. Everyone gets a FREE Website

One of the other things I love is that we get a Paparazzi website for free. I’ve been with other companies and we’ve had to pay a monthly fee for your website. That’s not the case with Paparazzi. NO MONTHLY FEES. COMPLETELY FREE!!

Your customers can go to your free website and order anything that Paparazzi has in stock on the website. Including exclusives items you’ve qualified for like Fashion Fix or Life of the Party items. Paparazzi will then ship the items straight to the customer for you. They’ll pay you the 45% profit the next month on the 20th when commissions are paid out.

(The commission needs to be at least $20 to pay out. If it’s not $20 it will keep rolling over until you accumulate $20)

3. Affordable Product

Paparazzi Accessories is known for their fashionable accessories that are only $5 each. It’s also lead and nickel free. I know its common to question the quality at this price point. However, the quality is on par if not BETTER, than the jewelry you can get at any fashion jewelry you find in department stores. No one ever says it’s too expensive. It’s only $5!

4. New Jewelry Released EVERYDAY!

New pieces of Paparazzi Accessories are released for customers and consultants to buy every Monday-Friday, except on Holidays. This means that you don’t have to wait 3 months or 6 months for the new product line to be released. For your business, that means you can keep your customers excited daily and inventory fresh. And since there is new jewelry to show them that means you can keep them buying daily too.

As a consultant, This keeps the business side from being boring, but exciting!! I look forward to the new AMAZING pieces that will be released DAILY. It keeps my customers excited as well.

5. No Catalogs!

Paparazzi Accessories does not have a Paparazzi jewelry catalog. This helps you focus on your jewelry because you are NOT spending money on catalogs, It also means everyone isn’t out showing the exact same selection to everyone. 

Remember when I mentioned that new jewelry comes out every day. Consultants buy when they choose, which pieces they choose, and how many they choose to purchase. This means each Paparazzi Consultant has different inventory. Of course, some of the pieces are the same. But I may have pieces in my online $5 jewelry shop that another consultant wasn’t able to snag before it sold out, and vice versa.


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