About Paparazzi Jewelry

Paparazzi Accessories Categories

Paparazzi has several different categories!


Paparazzi Necklaces are so unique. Each one has its own beauty. Some offer a clasp, a ribbon, and others just simply slip over your head. Some are extra long and others are short. They offer the flexibility of being whatever length you prefer. Most all Paparazzi Necklaces come with a pair of matching earrings! All for $5!


Paparazzi Rings are stretchy.The stretchy rings have a band that stretches to fit your finger. Typically fits sizes 6-11.


Paparazzi Bracelets are offered in five styles. Stretchy bands, hinge, wrap and snap, clasp, and cuff. The stretchy bracelet is made on an elastic kind of band. Our hinge bracelets have a hinge on one side making it easier to open.  Our wrap and snap bracelets are really popular. The wrap around your wrist once. sometimes twice and have a snap button closure. These will come with 2 or 3 size options. The clasp bracelets close just like necklaces do, with a clasp. You can adjust these bracelets to what ever fit you would like. The cuff bracelet is very popular. Slide these on the thinnest part of your wrist, then TWIST into position.  You can leave it loose or you can gently squeeze the cuff around your wrist.


Paparazzi Earrings are all very unique and very stylish. We offer a "fish hook" style,  post, or clip-on. Paparazzi offers different variations of earrings. Some are long, short, chandelier, or drop. They come in all sizes, large and small. There is also some feather earrings available. These are very popular and Very unique!


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